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Discover the VDW Endo system

Benefit from a safe and easy root canal preparation and create optimal conditions for disinfection. The result: full control from the start.

Increase the likelihood of a successful root canal filling with efficient irrigation. The result: maximum cleaning with minimum effort.

Achieve a homogeneous, wall-adapted obturation of the entire root canal system and minimise the risk of recontamination. The result: a filling that delivers what it promises.

Achieve even more safety in post-endodontic treatment by using root canal posts. The result: the ideal prerequisite for long-term treatment success.

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Access Preparation

Instruments for enlargement of the coronal third

Length Determination

Apex locator with touch and zoom for high-precisely length-determination

Reciprocating Preparation

Instruments for root canal preparation with only one mechanical instrument used in reciprocation

Rotary Preparation

Instruments for root canal preparation in continous machinable, rotary movement


Endo Motors for reciprocating and classic rotating NiTi systems

Conventional Preparation

Instruments for conventional preparation with different techniques

EDDY irrigation tools

Safe, convenient and effective cleaning solutions for root canal disinfection


For a successful hot 3D obturation without compromises.


For cold and hot obturation.

Paper Points

Root canal drying with highly absorbent sterilised paper points.

BeeFill 2in1

Three-Dimensional, dense and durable obturation of root canals.

2Seal easymiX

Root Canal Sealer on epoxy-amine resin basis in convenient double-chamber mixing syringe.

Plugger and Spreader

For filling root canals with paste, cement or sealer

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First motor driven glide path file in reciprocating motion.


The universal and flexible instrument for the majority of cases


The instrument particularly efficient for retreatments


Taking rotary preparation to the next level


The efficient NiTi system for rotary preparation


The crown-down NiTi system.


Advanced irrigation needle design, that ensures a gentle yet efficient cleaning and disinfection.


Innovative Sonic Powered Irrigation - Three benefits in one solution

The Endo-System by VDW:
  • simplified, individual handling
  • safety in use
  • time and cost efficiency
  • long-term treatment success