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Advanced irrigation needle design

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Unlike conventional metal needles, EDDY FLEX.CANNULATM is made of a soft polypropylene body with an advanced needle design, that ensures a gentle yet efficient cleaning and disinfection.

  • 40 pouches of 1 irrigation needle

Product information

Three benefits in one solution


  • Curves and flexes to follow the root canal anatomy
  • Its soft polypropylene allows the needle to deliver irrigiation solutions close to the apex
  • Possiblity to pre-bent to access hard to reach canal


  • 2-side vents at the tip for powerful lateral irrigation aimed directly at the dentinal wall
  • Maximizes elimination of debris, smear layer and biofilm
  • 4 % taper to match your preparation


  • Close end cannula to reduce risk of extrusion
  • The 2-sided vent design maintains a balanced irrigation solution
  • Dentin-friendly needle design and material makes the needle atraumatic for hard tissues

Product overview


VDW.FLO Endo Organizer

Multifunctional drawer insert, equipment trolley and table tray in a single unit


VDW EDDY FLEX.CANNULA - Advanced irrigation needle design

Expert opinions


Prof Amelia Almenar Garcia

This is an ideal complement in the final irrigation alongside the EDDY® tips.


Dr. med. dent. Jens Emmelmann

I like the cannula very much, and I particularly enjoy the flexibility in the root canal.


Dr Alexander Schryvers

The VDW EDDY FLEX.CANNULA™ is a simple though irreplaceable gadget in the toolkit for a successful endodontic treatment. It enables the practitioner to reach areas which are hard to reach with a regular stainless steel cannula, with ease. A new step ahead, which brings us closer, faster and easier towards our goal: apical healing.

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What is the EDDY FLEX.CANNULA irrigation needle?

It is a closed ended, flexible plastic needle with two ports located at 180from each other. Due to its flexibility and adaptability,the EDDY FLEX.CANNULA irrigation needlecan go around curves with less resistance and greater ease.

What irrigation solutions do you recommend?

We use full strength sodium hypochlorite (6% or 5.25% active) to assist in the removal of tissue and organic matter followed by rinsing with aqueous EDTA to aid in the removal of the inorganic portion of the smear layer. The irrigation needle is intended to be used in combination with sodium hypochlorite or EDTA or chlorhexidine solutions.

What are recommended irrigation times?

Irrigation solutions such as sodium hypochlorite should have tissue contact times of 20 to 30mins to aid in the removal/digestion of tissue and disinfection. Final irrigation protocols recommend final use of bleach and EDTA in the range of 30 –60s per canal.

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