FAQs about EDDY

1. Which air scalers can be used with EDDY?
2. Why doesn´t EDDY fit on KaVo SONICflex 2008 but on the prior model KaVo SONICflex 2003?

There are 2 different thread types for KaVo air scalers on the market. KaVo SONICflex 2000 & 2003; These are compatible with EDDY [M3 thread]. KaVo SONICflex quick 2008 has a quick coupling with only one thread gear which is not suitable for EDDY´s plastic thread.

3. Which coupling is necessary to use the W&H air scaler in the EDDY Starter Kit?

The W&H air scaler models in the Starter Kit is compatible with all KaVo MultiFlex respectively Sirona- couplings. In all other cases, the air scaler model has to match the type of coupling of the dental unit.

4. Is EDDY compatible with SIROSONIC L?

Unfortunately it is not compatible with EDDY as it is a ultrasonic device. EDDY is driven in a significant lower frequency range of 5,000 – 6,000 Hz compared to ultrasound (25,000 – 30,000 Hz). EDDY is driven by an air scaler.

5. Is the SonicLine air scaler from Komet compatible with EDDY?

Since the SonicLine air scaler from Komet is a standard air scaler with M3 thread, it can be used with EDDY. However, it wasn´t tested by VDW, therefore it is not mentioned in the compatibility list.

6. What dental units are available on the market and which connection is necessary for EDDY?

Dental units with turbine and with micro-motor. Standard is a dental unit with 2 micro-motors and 1 turbine. If a dental unit does not have a turbine connection, EDDY cannot be used.

7. Basically, how do I proceed with irrigation with EDDY?

Protection of clothing and eyes! Screw EDDY clockwise into the thread of the air scaler hand piece manually. Introduce EDDY into the prepared root canal and fill the pulp chamber with a suitable irrigation solution e.g. NaOCI solution. Activate the air scaler and move EDDY carefully up and down with vertical motions. Do not exert any additional manual pressure. Repeat irrigation with EDDY after every preparation step.

8. How long do I activate with EDDY?

It is recommended to activate EDDY up to 10 seconds during each irrigation interval during preparation. It should be activated longer for the last irrigation, about 20 to 30 seconds.

9. Are EDDY tips reusable?

EDDY is a sterile single-use product/ not reusable.

10. Are there any restrictions when using EDDY? Open apex etc.?

No. In the case of an open apex, care must be taken to ensure that EDDY is inserted into the root canal only up to 1mm short of the apex. There is no risk of apical extrusion of irrigant with EDDY. This can be proven by test on flow behavior and through visualization of the flow behavior with micro particles in the irrigation solution.

11. How long does it take to irrigate a canal with an irrigation cannula/ manually?

The duration of irrigation varies for each user depending on how carefully the user irrigates. It is not possible to achieve comparable irrigation results in the same time as EDDY with an irrigation cannula. Furthermore, due to the geometry of the root canal, there is a risk that during manual irrigation, the cannula could easily get stuck in the canal. This leads to a significant increase in the risk of irrigation accidents [extrusion of NaOCl].

12.How high is the risk of an apical extrusion of NaOCI/ irrigation accident with EDDY?

There is no risk because of the flow behavior. Although the irrigant is driven downwards in the root canal through the oscillating motion of the tip, it does not extrude the apex. The oscillating movement creates swirling eddies in the irrigant which strengthens the cleaning effect on the canal walls.

13. Irrigate with?

Only use irrigation solutions commonly used in endodontics to irrigate the root canal, e.g. NaOCI solution [5.25 % max.].

14. Can NaOCI be heated with EDDY like in the case of IRRI S?

Currently, a study concerning this question is being conducted by Dr. Neuhaus at the University of Bern. The first positive results were generated for EDDY and it was proven that slight heat was generated, even after the canal curvature. This shows how efficient the activation of the tip is.

15. At which frequency should EDDY be driven?

The frequency of the air scaler should be set on the highest level. However, the limit of 6000 Hz should not be exceeded. [max. air supply 0.3 MPa [3 bar]].

16. How to prevent NaOCI solution spillage during irrigation activation with EDDY?

Always use a rubber dam, protect your clothes and use eye protection. Avoid spillage by having the dental assistant hold a saliva ejector (without covering) next to the tooth. Pay attention that the irrigation solution is introduced into the pulp cavity and not sucked directly into the saliva ejector. Normally, 5ml of NaOCI suffice for one tooth. This is less than the recommended amount required for conventional irrigation with a syringe.

17. How could a EDDY fragment be removed from the root canal?

The fragment can be removed by using a paper point (adhesion forces) or a Hedström file. In many cases it already floats on the surface.

18.Is it possible to remove a broken EDDY screw thread from the air scaler? If so, how?

Yes, a broken EDDY screw thread can be removed from the air scaler by a pointed screwdriver that should be pushed slowly into the plastic screw thread and unscrewed.

19. What happens with the water supply of the dental unit?

The water inflow can be deactivated quickly and easily. If the water supply has not been stopped manually, the inflow of water will be blocked automatically through the screwing of EDDY into the air scaler hand piece. This prevents a leakage of water.

20.Can EDDY be applied to pregnant patients and in patients with cardiac pacemakers ?

The decisive factors are the information and instructions in the DFU of air scaler. Since the scaler is without electronic components, we currently see no risk for these patients.

21.What is the price for one EDDY tip?

One tip costs 4,60 EUR. EDDY is sold in standard boxes of 10 tips each (4 blister á-packs of 2 tips) for 46,00 EUR.

22. Why is there only one size?

One size fits all! Due to its high flexibility, EDDY fits every canal anatomy.

23. Do you offer also EDDY in shorter length?

No, there is only one EDDY size. In case of short or difficult to reach canals it is possible to pre-bend the tip without folding it.