BeeFill 2in1

Three dimensional, dense and durable obturation
Obturation device for Downpack and Backfill technique

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Easy to use

  • Clear user interface: separated into Downpack and Backfill
  • Simple navigation at the push of a button
  • Individually adjustable parameters
  • Preset buttons to save preferred settings
  • Ergonomic handpiece with 360° operation
  • Feather-touch activation thanks to flexible sensor ring

Full concentration on filling

  • Excellent visibility of the root canal entrance thanks to slim handpieces and extra-long cannulas
  • Optimal holding position of the handpiece for every anatomy due to 360° sensor ring
  • More comfort: light-weight handpieces (20.1 g and 127.4 g)
  • Steady application thanks to precise and micromotor controlled release of gutta-percha
  • Safe use due to visual and audible signals

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BeeFill Thermal Response Tip

Pulp sensitivity tester

BeeFill Heat Pluggers

For Downpack and searing off gutta-percha.

BeeFill Cartridges

For easy injection of warm gutta-percha


VDW BeeFill 2in1: Obturation techniques

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Additional product information

Best obturation results for every tooth

  • Highest success rate (90%) with warm vertical condensation
  • Reliable obturation of the entire root canal system
  • Homogenous and dense filling
  • Faster filling than lateral compaction
  • Minimal risk of root fractures
  • Adhesive restoration possible in one session

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