Working for the World Leader in endodontic products

We are always on the lookout for clever minds with knowledge and experience, dedicated personalities with a hands-on mentality, professionals with creative mindset, all-round talents with team spirit and passion, but also young talents with dedication and the constant will to develop both professionally and personally.

However, it is not only about formal qualifications, but also about how well employees and the company fit together. We bring the right people together at the right time and actively shape the working world of the future.

Current Job Offerings

Currently we don't have any international positions open.

VDW as employer

Who we are

Tradition meets Innovation - that describes us pretty well.

Currently, almost 270 employees work at our site here in Munich. As part of a leading global Medical Device company in the dental industry, we are helping to shape the future of endodontics for the benefit of dentists and patients through the development and marketing of quality products at the highest standards.

As a medium-sized Munich company with a 150-year history, we have managed to successfully develop into a global player and offer a working environment in a fast-growing market with first-class future perspective.

In addition to a safe and exciting workplace and countless interesting and challenging areas of responsibility, we offer you an exceptionally familiar atmosphere at work. You can expect friendly and helpful colleagues as well as professional and goal-oriented executives.
Of course an attractive, performance-related income, as well as special benefits and bonus programs are also part of our offer to you.

This is how we create the basis for excellent commitment and motivation, performance and satisfaction of our employees.

What we stand for

Living TRUST


Together we achieve our goals - we see ourselves as ONE team. We always act transparently and authentically and keep our promises. By cooperating openly and appreciatively and respecting each other, we create the environment of trust to achieve our success.

Targeting GROWTH


We strive for success and always do our best. With motivation and dedication, we set and pursue ambitious goals and invest in our personal development. We all pull together, believe in each other and share the responsibility.



The personal commitment of each individual is crucial. Decisions are made solution-oriented and implemented consistently . Our managers actively recognize and promote the potential of their employees, provide feedback on very regular basis and acknowledge outstanding performance.



We know and live our values - without compromise. They represent our social, operational, ethical and moral guidelines. Words are followed by actions and we keep our promises.



Our daily activities are characterized by excellent customer and service orientation. As a strategic partner, we analyze and anticipate customer needs and work together to develop system solutions for our customers that enable us to do better than the competition.



Through innovations we set new standards for endodontics. Creative masterminds, unconventional thinkers and visionaries have their place with us and can maximize their potential. We are constantly pursue groundbreaking technologies and never rest on yesterday’s achievements.

What we offer

Information & Exchange


Information & Exchange –

Always close

Our management is in direct and close contact with all employees and, in addition to regular information on business development and strategic planning, also relies on weekly personal exchanges and an open feedback culture in all directions.


Inclusion & Diversity


Inclusion & Diversity –

Variety unites

Diversity is important to us and we actively promote equal opportunities because we see them as potential. We offer an integrative working environment and fair conditions for all. Everyone is valued, integrated and promoted in their individuality. Women are an important part of the company: our share of women is pretty much 52% of the total workforce - also within the General Management.


Training & Education


Training & Education –

Lifelong learning

We attach great importance to further education and personality development across all career levels, which is why we support numerous internal and external programs and training opportunities to leverage the continuous development of each individual. These learning opportunities include innovative learning programs, professional qualification measures, personality coaching as well as team development days, which are realized according to the needs of the responsible executives.




Onboarding –

Getting started at the new job

It is important to us that you feel welcome and have a smooth start right from your very first day onward. In order to make it as easy and pleasant for you as possible, we also rely on our Onboarding Ambassadors in addition to a structured professional training plan, which is closely accompanied by the manager. Your personal mentor, who already knows the company, the culture, the processes and the contact persons well, will be there for you to help finding your way around quickly and to support you in building your own networks.


Health & Wellbeing


Health & Wellbeing –

Prevention, Attention & Caring

The health of our employees is also of great importance to us. You can participate in the occupational-medical care and the annual in-house flu vaccination event, receive co-payments for medical aids and get an ergonomic and performance-enhancing workplace with us. In addition, we promote staying mobile at the workplace with our “Moving Break” Program and continue to expand our offers of occupational health management.




Work-Life-Balance –

Aligning private and professional demands

We are committed to improve the balance between family and career. Therefore, we offer flexible working hours and the possibility to work in the home office wherever possible.


Celebrate festivities and achievements


Celebrate festivities and achievements –

Let's party!

Of course, we do not miss out on celebrating success together. Besides the summer party and annual Christmas Party a visit to the Wies’n with our colleagues is mandatory as “Munich Original”.


Further Benefits


Further Benefits –

There's even more...

Besides all that was mentioned above, our employees enjoy further benefits, such as: Free coffee, tea and water are available for all. They can also access employee discounts on food and at the gym.



How can I apply?

Please send us your application by email to karriere@vdw-dental.com. We ask for your understanding that we can not return any documents that we receive by postal mail, but we destroy them properly after the decision. We also ask you to refrain from personal applications directly to us.

Are there any restrictions on files?

The mailbox accepts many file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, and .zip. Please note that the size of individual documents or files must not exceed 5 MB.

Is my personal information safe and secure?

We take the protection of your data very seriously. Please also read the Privacy Policy.
Applications that have successfully passed the pre-selection process will be made available to the technical supervisors and defined decision-makers. All data and documents will be deleted immediately after the completion of the recruitment process for the respective position, in case of unsuccessful applications after sending the letter of rejection. Should we wish to keep these as evidence, we will contact you and ask for your explicit consent.

When and how can I get feedback on my application?

After we received your application documents, you will first get an email that acknowledges the receipt and, if necessary, requests further documents if relevant information is missing. As soon as the hiring process is completed or a decision has been made regarding your application, you will receive an e-mail at the earliest possible time.

How is the application process at the VDW?

After sighting and pre-selecting, often a first telephone call between you and the responsible contact person of the HR department takes place, sometimes also already with the technical superior, if useful. If you have successfully passed the pre-selection process, we invite you directly to one or two personal meetings at the site. Depending on the vacancy to be filled, you have the opportunity to get to know potential colleagues as well as your potential supervisor. For some positions, the interviews will take place in English and via Skype or a task will have to be presented by you.

I am looking for a training, internship or student position - how can I apply for this?

We offer students, graduates, trainees and prospective apprentices the opportunity to gain initial professional experience in various areas. Offers for apprenticeships, internships and working student jobs will be published on our website. Please send your application via e-mail to karriere@vdw-dental.com.

To whom can I address my application and in which language should it to be written?

In our job advertisements is always name the responsible contact person in the HR department, you can directly address them. Regarding the language of your application, you are welcome to follow the language of the job advertisement and use it in your application.

How can I prepare for the interview?

To prepare for the interview, you should familiarize yourself with both the company and the job you are applying for. We use the interview to get to know you personally and to learn more about your previous knowledge, experience, abilities and interests. We also want to give you an insight into our working environment, our corporate culture and the diverse range of services that the VDW has to offer. Of course you also have the opportunity to address your questions to us. We are looking forward to meeting you personally!

Are travel expenses refunded?

You will receive information on the travel expenses guidelines by consulting the responsible recruiting team.