RECIPROC blue Gutta-Percha

Cold and warm obturation
Suitable for the RECIPROC blue NiTi system

  • Precise
  • Easy
  • Safe
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RECIPROC® blue Gutta-Percha Master Cones are latex-free and reformulated to match the precise shapes created by the RECIPROC blue instruments. Our new master cones feature a variable taper shape to improve dimensional stability up to 40% compared to traditional hand rolled gutta-percha cones -  this means a precise apical plug and a more consistent shape and fit.

For warm obturation techniques, the unique gutta-percha formulation transfers heat up to 4 mm beyond the heat source, ensuring warm gutta-percha will provide a better material flow, promoting a 3D-fill when used with warm vertical condensation like the BeeFill®2in1 system.

The improved formulation of RECIPROC blue Gutta-Percha heats more consistently, providing better material flow and adaptation to the canal wall.


Product information

The RECIPROC® blue total system solution includes reformulated matching RECIPROC blue Gutta-Percha Master Cones.

  • PRECISE: Variable taper for a precise fit and accurate tug back
  • EASY: Part of a system based solution for easy identification
  • SAFE: Latex free for patient safety
  • Heat Extension < 4mm
  • Flip pack of 60 pieces

Product overview

RECIPROC® blue Gutta-Percha

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