Which motor settings are needed?

We recommend the following settings that are already pre-set in your VDW.CONNECT Drive®. For non-preset motors, please use the Doctor’s choice mode.

File Size


Torque [cNm]


Speed [rpm]

VDW.ROTATETM 15.04   1.3   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 20.05   2.1   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 25.04   2.3   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 25.06   2.3   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 30.04   2.0   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 35.04   2.3   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 40.04   2.3   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 50.04   2.3   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 60.04   2.3   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 30.06   2.0   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 35.06   2.3   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM 40.06   2.3   300 - 400
VDW.ROTATETM R25.05   3.5   400


For non-preset motors, please use the Doctor’s choice mode. For simplicity reason, you can use the following 3 settings. All settings are safe to use.

File size 


Torque [cNm]


Speed [rpm]






VDW.ROTATETM other shaping sizes





VDW.ROTATETMRetreatment 25.05





What is difference relative to Mtwo?

VDW.ROTATE allows you to shape the canal with only 3 files for the majority of the cases: 1 glide path file and 2 shaping files. Therefore you save time compared to our 4-file Mtwo sequence. VDW.ROTATE also has a new file specific heat treatment, which makes the file more flexible without compromising its cutting efficiency.* Also, the adapted S cross section increases space for debris removal.** If you encounter narrow and highly curved canals, we also offer you a 25.04.

*compared to other VDW continuous rotary systems

** compared to a centered rotary cross section

How often can I reuse VDW.ROTATE?

While VDW.ROTATE instruments are reprocessable, VDW recommends single-use of the instruments for patient safety and more efficient workflows. For further information please consult our instructions for use, also available on the website.

Does VDW.ROTATE has a constant or a variable taper?

VDW.ROTATE instruments have a constant taper, yet designed to respect the natural canal anatomy. Align to the specific clinical case by simply choosing between taper .06 or .04 and various ISO sizes. The instruments will follow the natural canal anatomy smoothly thanks to its specific heat treatment making the file more flexible.*


*compared to other VDW continuous rotary systems

Do you have to use the 25.04 before the 25.06?

No, VDW.ROTATE has a 3 file basic sequence. After the glide path with the 15.04, then the 20.05, the clinician has to choose between the 25.06 (for the majority of the cases) or the 25.04 (for narrow and highly curved canals).

Does VDW.ROTATE has the same heat treatment as RECIPROC® blue?

No, VDW.ROTATE and RECIPROC® blue are not manufactured with the same heat treatment. We apply file specific treatment. You can also see that on the colour. VDW.ROTATE has a lighter blue colour.