High-tech apex locator with easy touch

User-friendly interface

  • Unique colour touch screen for smart operation
  • Intuitive menu for setting options
  • DEMO mode for clear information to patient
  • CHECK mode for smooth functional test of device and cables in case of questionable measuring results

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Product information

How do I read the display?

As long as the file moves in the coronal and medial section of the root canal, its position is only shown in the full tooth image (upper left in the display).

As soon as the file moves towards the apical region, the position of the file is additionally shown on the enlarged image in the APEX ZOOM (right in the display).

Blue bars: the file is approaching the working length position.

Green to yellow bars correspond to the section of the apical
constriction up to the apical foramen, i.e. this is the relevant region for determining the working length.

Red bar: the file tip has reached the apical foramen.

Red warning dot: the apical foramen has already been exceeded (CAUTION! Overinstrumentation).

Length determination

The working length should usually be determined at the third green bar. Since the working length must always be specified in consideration of the respective pathological situation (vital or devital) and in accordance with the personal decision, the working length may however vary between the first green and last yellow bars. You can find detailed information in the RAYPEX 6 Operating Manual, Chapter 7.5.


Determining the working length can be done both in the customary rinsing solutions as well as in the physiological milieu. Since the rinsing solution used has a small influence on determining the working length, we recommend:

a) to determine the length in a moist, physiological milieu and/or
b) to determine the length in a physiological saline solution 0.9% NaCl or low percentage sodium hypochlorite solutions (e.g. 2% NaOCl)

After electric length determination and setting the stopper, the metric working (in mm) length should be determined with the help of a measuring gauge (e.g. VDW Minifix measuring gauge).

Additional product information

Precise length determination

  • Latest multi-frequency apex locator technology
  • Automatic "Plug-and-Check"
  • Separate RAYPEX® Apical Zoom in traffic light colours
  • Visualisierung des Bereichs der apikalen Konstriktion

Customisation for individual preference

  • Choice between 2 sounds and 2 background display colours


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