Bending resistance and dynamic and static cyclic fatigue life of RECIPROC and WaveOne large instruments

Authors: G. De-Deus, V. Talarico Leal Vieira, E. J. Noqueira da Silva, H. Lopes, C. N. Elias, E. J. Moreira
Year: 2013
Rubrics: Cyclic fatigue

Introduction The aim of the present study was to evaluate the bending resistance and the dynamic and static cyclic fatigue life of Reciproc R40 and WaveOne large instruments.

Methods A sample of 68 nickel-titanium instruments (25 mm in length) for use under reciprocation movement (Reciproc and WaveOne) from 3 different lots was tested. Reciproc R40 and WaveOne Large files, both of which had a nominal size of 0.40 mm at D0, were selected. The bending resistance was performed in 10 instruments of each system by using a universal testing machine. Dynamic and static models for cyclic fatigue testing were performed by using a custom-made device. For these tests, an artificial canal measuring 1.4 mm in diameter and 19 mm total length was fabricated from a stainless steel tube. Scanning electron microscopy analysis was performed to determine the mode of fracture. Statistical analysis was performed by using parametric methods, 1-way analysis of variance. Post hoc pair-wise comparisons were performed by using Tukey test for multiple comparisons.

Results WaveOne instruments presented significantly higher bending resistance than Reciproc (P < .05). Moreover, Reciproc revealed a significantly longer cyclic fatigue life (P < .05) in both static and dynamic tests (P < .05).

Conclusions Reciproc R40 instruments resisted dynamic and static cyclic fatigue significantly more than WaveOne Large instruments. Furthermore, WaveOne instruments presented significantly less flexibility than Reciproc.

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