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Endo motor with integrated apex locator

  • High performance
  • Powerful preparation and precise length determination
  • Safety features
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All-in-one: VDW.GOLD®RECIPROC® offers powerful preparation and precise length determination with one device. Offering a large file library with presets for all leading preparation systems, it’s suitable for preparation in rotary and reciprocating mode. Highly appreciated by endo experts for its versatility, it’s also ideal for endo beginners thanks to extensive safety functions. Its high performance and comprehensive functional scope make it one of the best-selling endo motors on the market. A proven classic we are so convinced of that we deliver it with a 3-year warranty.

Product information

High performance for rotary and reciprocating root canal preparation

  • Powerful and safe preparation in torque controlled rotary and reciprocating motion
  • Supports an extensive range of rotary and reciprocating file systems
  • Dr’s Choice: store up to 15 individual torque and speed settings
  • Battery-operated motor; maintains constant operation even during charging

Continuous rotary                                                                          

  • Extensive file library with pre-set values for all major rotary NiTi systems, including Mtwo®, FlexMaster®and ProTaper®
  • Automatic safety functions: Auto-Stop-Reverse; special ANA programme for difficult canal anatomies
  • Dr’s Choice programme for saving up to 15 individual torque and speed settings


  • Specific setting for RECIPROC
  • RECIPROC REVERSE comfort function

Integrated apex locator

  • Freedom of choice: simultaneous length control or separate length determination
  • Apical Auto Stop upon reaching the apex

Safety features for a smooth and successful preparation

  • RECIPROC REVERSE Comfort Function**: two-stage indicator helps determine the right method of preparation
  • Additional setting for root canals with difficult anatomy for rotary motion
  • ANA*: Reduction of torque limit during the preparation of canals with difficult anatomies
  • ASR*: Automatic reverse rotation when the set torque limit is reached

*in rotary mode only    **in RECIPROC® mode only

Powerful preparation and precise length determination in one device
Choose between three working modes:

  1. Monitor the file progression simultaneously during preparation.
  2. Prepare the root canal without length determination.
  3. Determinate the working length or monitor the file progression independently of preparation.


VDW.GOLD RECIPROC product information

VDW Dental · How To: VDW.GOLD RECIPROC – Motor functions

How To: VDW.GOLD RECIPROC – Apex locator

Expert opinions


Caroline Babel

For several years now, we have been convinced by the ease of use and efficiency with which a reliably high quality standard in endodontics can be guaranteed.


Dr Monika Dzieciątkowska

What I like the most with the VDW.GOLD RECIPROC is the easy and reliable measurement of the length of the canal which is created by the integrated apex locator during canal preparation.


Dr Taha Özyürek

VDW GOLD RECIPROC has considerably simplified root canal shaping and reduced the time I spent on irrigation. The product works smoothly and the accuracy of the apex locator is amazing. I cannot imagine root canal shaping at the moment without the VDW GOLD RECIPROC.

Additional product information

The Gold Success Story
In 2007, VDW challenged the established endo standards by introducing VDW.GOLD® as the first endo motor with an integrated apex locator. In 2011, the scope was extended to the innovative preparation method RECIPROC® with the new VDW.GOLD®RECIPROC® edition. Today, VDW’s GOLD motor is one of the best-selling endo motors on the market, always reflecting VDW’s pure endo expertise and German heritage of engineering excellence. Continuous improvements make it one of the most reliable endo motors, coming with an exceptional 3-year guarantee. An outstanding success that VDW shares with thousands of VDW.GOLD® users all over the world.

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