VDW.FLO Endo Organizer

Multifunctional drawer insert, equipment trolley and table tray in a single unit

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The VDW.FLO™ Endo Organizer brings order and creates a system into your materials. Organize loose instruments, irrigation, obturation and post endodontic materials to keep track of your inventory. Use the VDW.FLO Endo Organizer as a tray to have everything you need at hand. The 16 compartments are exactly matched to standard packaging. You can assign each space individually with the enclosed labels or use the preprinted stickers to adapt the VDW.FLO Endo Organizer specifically to your workflow.

The VDW.FLO Endo Organizer is designed for the common drawer and table sizes of dental furniture and trolleys. The smooth shape, the easy-to-clean surface and the robust plastic make the VDW.FLO Endo Organizer a long-lasting helper in practice.

Product information

  • Plastic insert for drawers, equipment trolleys and table tray
  • 390 x 300 x 38 mm, suitable for standard drawer, equipment trolley and table sizes
  • robust, long-lasting, easy to clean plastic
  • 14 silicone feet for a non-slip stand
  • stackable

Multifunctional use

  • as drawer insert
  • as table tray
  • as equipment trolley tray
  • for the organization of your inventory
  • as tool tray during treatment
  • for preparation instruments, irrigation, obturation, post-endodontic materials and more
  • special preparation for your workflow


  • 16 small, medium and large compartments for an flexible division
  • 88 writable, wipeable and removable plastic stickers:
    • 44 pre-printed stickers for the endo workflow
    • 44 blank stickers

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VDW Dental · VDW.FLO Endo Organizer (product information)

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