Mathieu Vandendael

Mathieu Vandendael

Private practioner endodontics and esthetic dentistry
Member of BAET, FSfE and honorary chairman of BDBT (Belgian Dental Beauty Team)


2005: General dentistry (VUB)

2005-2009: Esthetic dentistry at VUB with LTH and docent D. Staes

2008-2009: Endodontic education at VUB with LTH G. Slaus

2009-2015: Interuniversity work group on endodontics UCL-ULB-ULg-VUB

Professional career

2004 -2005: Internship general dentistry at Tandheelkundig Instituut VUB

2005 - 2009: Department of esthetic dentistry at Tandheelkundig Instituut VUB

2009 - today: Resident at the department of endodontics at Tandheelkundig Instituut VUB

2009- 2015: Research posters for the European Society of Endodontology Congresses

2011-2012: Temporary assistant at the endo team of St Pierre ULB

October 2011 - today: Coordinator at the endodontic department of Tandheelkundig Instituut VUB

until today: General dentist at private practice Vandendael in Everberg

Member of the Belgian Association for Endodontology and Traumatology (BAET)

Member of the Flemish Society for Endodontology. (FSfE)

Honorary president of the BDBT