From access preparation to endodontic post-treatment care, VDW offers a whole range of endodontic products. Reduced treatment time and increased quality through innovative systems help to make the work of dentists easier, as well as treatments more endurable for patients, perfectly in line with our slogan: ENDO EASY EFFICIENT. Learn more about the milestones of the VDW success story on the following page or about the VDW-location Munich.


Blue diamond


VDW launches EDDY FLEX.CANNULA®, the innovative irrigation needle.


VDW launches VDW.ROTATE, a new range of rotary NiTi files.


With the brand new R-PILOT , VDW offers the first motor-driven glide path instrument with reciprocating motion, significantly simplifying the initial glide path creation.


VDW launches EDDY FLEX.CANNULA®, the innovative irrigation needle.


RECIPROC® blue - the next generation of successful RECIPROC® instruments for reciproc canal preparation.


Launch of EDDY® : a sonic powered endodontic irrigation tip made of polyamide and is used in combination with an Airscaler.

Additionally another important innovation: the world’s first contra-angle handpiece with integrated reciprocating motion - RECIPROC® direct.


GUTTAFUSION® made entirely out of gutta-percha, provides an ideal solution for carrier-based thermoplastic obturation.


First to introduce an innovation in the domain of drive systems and clinical procedures. RECIPROC® - root canal preparation with one single instrument.


Integration of Advanced Technology Research ATR in Pistoia, Italy, as a VDW production facility. Originally founded in 1995.


VDW launches VDW.GOLD® - a multifunctional endomotor with integrated apex locator. VDW.GOLD® offers pre-programmed speed and torque settings for all major file systems.

To this day its high performance and comprehensive functional scope make it one of the best-selling endo motors on the market.


With BeeFill® VDW launches an obturation device used for filling up the root canal (Backfill) with thermoplasticized Guttapercha. Amongst others BeeFill® comes with an intuitive display and provides an excellent visibility of the root canal entrance thanks to a slim handpiece and an extra-long obturation cannula.


Launch of the efficient NiTi system Mtwo®. By using Mtwo® dentists benefit from several advantages, amongst others the simple use of one sequence for all canals as well as the ability to cut automatically while advancing apically and also laterally when using a brushing file movement.


With DT posts even more safety in post-endodontic treatment can be achieved. The quartz fibre posts have a high level of fracture resistance and excellent radiopacity.


Launch of the apex locator Raypex® 4. With its unique “live” illustration of the file movement along the root canal and its separate projection of the last apical section, Raypex® 4 is the first apex locator to show precisely the beginning of the apical constriction and the location of the foramen apicale. Today Raypex® is available in the 6th product generation (RAYPEX® 6).


Development and launch of first medical device and first modern system for Endodontic treatment.

VDW launches FlexMaster®, the established crown-down NiTi system. FlexMaster® provides three sequences to choose from for every type of canal and comes with special K-type cutting edges for efficient removal of debris and dentine chips.


Built new headquarters and production facility in Munich.


Supply of gamma sterilised instruments.


The first root canal instruments were supplied in convenient, individual cell, blister packs.


VDW developed a new grinding technique to enable the production of ultra fine classic instruments K-reamers, K-files and Hedstroem files in sizes ISO 06 – ISO 10.


Fusion of ANTAEOS®, BEUTELROCK® and ZIPPERER® to form VDW®


ZIPPERER® launched the first stainless steel instruments made from physiological, uncritical Chrome-Nickel-Steel.


ZIPPERER® developed the first ergonomic handle made of synthetic material, heat resistant to 270°C. The CC-Cord® handle is still successful worldwide.


Munich colour code was developed. This later became the ISO standard worldwide.


ANTAEOS® was founded in Munich


BEUTELROCK® was founded in Munich


ZIPPERER® was founded in Munich. First EU manufacturer of root canal instruments.