VDW Milestones

2016 RECIPROC® blue - the next generation of successful RECIPROC® instruments for reciproc canal preparation.

2015 Launch of VDW.CONNECT Drive®: Cordless endo motor with iPad application.
EDDYis a sonic powered endodontic irrigation tip made of polyamide and is used in combination with an Airscaler.

2013 GUTTAFUSION® made entirely out of gutta-percha, provides an ideal solution for carrier-based thermoplastic obturation

2010 Integration of Advanced Technology Research ATR in Pistoia, Italy, as a VDW production facility. Originally founded in 1995. First to introduce an innovation in the domain of drive systems and clinical procedures. RECIPROC® - root canal preparation with one single instrument.

2000 Developed and launched its first medical device, an endo motor, and its first modern system for Endodontic treatment.

1995 Built new headquarters and production facility in Munich.

1978 Supply of gamma sterilised instruments.

1977 The first root canal instruments were supplied in convenient, individual cell, blister packs.

1975 VDW developed a new grinding technique to enable the production of ultra fine classic instruments K-reamers, K-files and Hedstroem files in sizes ISO 06 – ISO 10.

1972 Fusion of ANTAEOS®, BEUTELROCK® and ZIPPERER® to form VDW®

1959 ZIPPERER® launched the first stainless steel instruments made from physiological, uncritical Chrome-Nickel-Steel.

1958 ZIPPERER® developed the first ergonomic handle made of synthetic material, heat resistant to 270°C. The CC-Cord® handle is still successful worldwide.

1950 Munich colour code was developed. This later became the ISO standard worldwide.

1919 ANTAEOS® was founded in Munich

1885 BEUTELROCK® was founded in Munich

1869 ZIPPERER® was founded in Munich. First EU manufacturer of root canal instruments.

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