FAQs about RECIPROC blue

What’s the difference to Reciproc?

RECIPROC blue is heat treated which results in its blue colour and increased flexibility of 40% compared to RECIPROC. Furthermore, RECIPROC blue is more resistant to cyclic fatigue.

Which motor settings are needed?

RECIPROC and RECIPROC blue are used with the same motor settings.

In which lengths and in which ISO size is RECIPROC® blue available?

R25 regressive/r Taper .08

R40 regressive/r Taper .06

R50 regressive/r Taper .05

Länge /Length: 21mm, 25mm, 31mm

Can the RECIRPOC® Gutta-Percha also be used for RECIRPOC® blue Obturation?

You can use RECIRPOC obturation material. Yet, we recommend to use the RECIRPOC blue corresponding obturation material as we optimized our production and increased the fit between canals shaped with RECIPROC blue and its obturation material.

Which taper do the RECIPROC blue files and the corresponding Gutta-Percha or paper tips have?

Same as the instruments for a better fit R25 Taper .08
R40 Taper .06
R50 Taper .05