VDW.ROTATE Basic Sequence

Intuitive 3-file basic sequence, also for narrow and highly curved canals including apical curvature

Rotary preparation at the next level: Drawing on our successful history of rotary file series, we mixed our achievements with new developments in file design and material technologies to reshape and take the endodontic rotary file to yet another level of performance.

The result is VDW.ROTATE, a range of files that lets you play at your full potential in various clinical cases, from simple to complex.

Your benefits:

Versatility:  In the basic sequence, choose between taper .06 for the majority of clinical cases and taper .04 for narrow and highly curved canals including apical curvature.

Respect of the natural canal anatomy: The instruments follow the natural canal anatomy smoothly thanks to its specific heat treatment making the file more flexible without compromising its cutting efficiency.*

Efficient debris removal: The adapted S cross section gives more space for debris removal and provides control of the instrument for a swift, thorough and safe preparation.*, **

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Product information

A fine-tuned instrument for various clinical cases

New heat treatment to increase flexibility without compromising cutting efficiency: Strengthens cyclic fatigue resistance of the file and lowers the risk of file breakage.*


Adapted S cross section for higher cutting efficiency: ensures effective debris removal and provides control of the instrument for a swift, thorough and safe preparation.*, **


Increased flexibility for better respect of the canal anatomy: VDW.ROTATE reduces canal transportation and better respects the canal anatomy.*


* compared to other VDW continuous rotary instruments
** compared to a centred rotary cross section

Additional product information

From preparation to obturation, we offer a complete range of products that are complementary with the VDW.ROTATE files. For the endo treatment, VDW recommends using VDW.ROTATE files in combination with VDW motors.


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