Unique and efficient: Experience the first reciprocating contra-angle.

  • RECIPROC® direct contra-angle connects directly to your existing dental unit.
  • Simply click it on your electric or air-driven motor* and get access to RECIPROC one file endo.
  • Profit from innovative engineering that drives RECIPROC instruments safely and efficiently.

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Plug and play: Prepare for your treatment in three easy steps:

  1. CLICK: Attach the contra-angle to the motor so that it snaps into place.
  2. CHECK: Make sure RECIPROC direct is securely attached to the motor
  3. SET: Set your motor * on your dental unit to the appropriate speed:
            Air-driven motor: max. speed
            Electric motor: 20.000 rpm (max. 25.000 rpm)
            Reduce speed by 50 %

* ISO-E coupling according to ISO 3964 is necessary

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