Rotary preparation at the next level
Obturators made entirely of gutta-percha

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  • Homogeneous filling of the whole root canal system due to excellent condensation of the warm gutta-percha in ramifications and isthmi
  • Precise placement of the obturator possible even in molars, thanks to the specially developed handle for tweezers
  • Easy separation of the handle without additional instruments
  • Easy removal of gutta-percha for post space preparation
  • Fast retreatment thanks to the gutta-percha carrier

Product overview

Additional product information

The Innovation

The obturator consists entirely of gutta-percha.

On the inside, crosslinked polymer chains give stability to the carrier. On the outside, the carrier is coated with flowable gutta-percha.

The carrier helps to condense the heated, flowable gutta-percha in the whole root canal system.

The beneficial characteristics of gutta-percha are maintained.


Dentists about GUTTAFUSION*

Reliable: The special handle design for tweezers allows precise placement of the obturator in the root canal. Stripping off gutta-percha can be avoided, especially in molars.

Efficient: 100% of dentists asked confirmed that obturation with GUTTAFUSION® is more time-saving than lateral condensation.

Convenient: More than 90% of dentists asked confirmed that obturation with GUTTAFUSION® is more convenient than lateral condensation.

*Source: Internal data, VDW Munich, 2012

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