Press Releases

New VDW.FLO Endo Organizer ensures an excellent overview of treatment materials

VDW, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of endodontic solutions, begins 2020 with the launch of its VDW.FLO Endo Organizers. This multifunctional plastic insert for drawers and equipment trolleys was specially developed to bring order to the materials used for endodontic treatment. The organizer fits the standard drawer and table sizes and its compartments are precisely matched to the packaging of the relevant materials.

On the 3rd of February, VDW will launch the VDW.FLO Endo Organizer for the global market. The multifunctional insert for drawers and equipment trolleys organizes loose instruments, irrigation, obturation and post-endodontic materials to create a clear overview of the inventory. Used on a table, the organizer keeps all necessary materials tidy and readily at hand during treatment. Its 16 small, medium and large compartments are specially designed for common packaging sizes. The VDW.FLO Endo Organizer can be adapted to individual workflows with the aid of the corresponding labeling set of blank and pre-printed stickers. The VDW.FLO Endo Organizer is made of easy-to-clean, robust plastic and features a non-slip silicone underside to facilitate compliance with hygiene measures in practice.

Integrated solutions for endodontics

For over 150 years VDW has represented experience in the development and manufacture of products for endodontics. VDW develops innovative ideas and produces optimized solutions to improve the clinical success of endodontic treatments. Today, VDW offers a holistic range of solution covering the entire endodontic treatment spectrum, from obturation to post-endodontic care. The company also has numerous application-related advanced training programs in endodontics.