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The next level of rotary preparation: VDW presents VDW.ROTATE at IDS 2019

VDW has combined its successful achievements in rotary preparation with new developments in file design and material technologies to develop VDW.ROTATE. The new range of rotary NiTi files will be presented at the IDS 2019, offering dentists the means to effectively master canal anatomies from simple to complex.

VDW.ROTATE™ is the result of VDW’s demand to constantly improve and evolve root canal treatments: The new range of files allows dentists to work at their full potential in various clinical cases and to take their rotary preparation to the next level. Following VDW’s system approach, VDW.ROTATE files launch together with matching paper points and obturators. 

A convincing compilation with essential benefits

The new compilation of rotary NiTi files offers several essential benefits for an easy and efficient preparation of the root canal. With VDW.ROTATE dentists can compose their own file sequence to pursue an individual therapeutic approach. It allows them to easily deal with different canal anatomies as it includes an intuitive 3-file basic sequence with a glide path file and two shaping files plus a wide range of larger files for further shaping. Compared to other VDW continuous rotary instruments, the new file specific heat treatment also increases the instruments’ flexibility without compromising its cutting efficiency. Combining this flexibility and efficiency with an adapted S cross section, VDW.ROTATEenables efficient debris removal*. On top, dentists can align to the specific clinical case by simply choosing between taper .06 or .04 and various ISO sizes. Thanks to its flexibility, the file follows the natural canal anatomy smoothly.

Get to know the next level of rotary preparation at the IDS 2019 and visit VDW in hall 10.1, B050 or on