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Cutting edge technology: The new smart apex locator VDW.CONNECT Locate is soon available

Easy-to-control and highly accurate – VDW expands its Endo-System for root canal treatment with its innovative VDW.CONNECT Locate. Combined with the smart and cordless VDW.CONNECT Drive endo motor and the VDW.CONNECT App, the new apex locator offers a variety of features that support the work-flow of clinicians. This includes simultaneous monitoring of file progression while shaping, which allows live feedback during the preparation of the root canal.

VDW.CONNECT Locate® is a smart apex locator, which provides clinicians an easy and reliable way to detect the file position for their root canal treatments. The device is a smart apex locator with a state-of-the-art user interface, which connects via Bluetooth® with the VDW.CONNECT® App. This way file progression can be visualized simultaneously on an iPad screen. Additional acoustic signals and LEDs directly on the apex locator support the safe detection of the file. The device is portable and during the treatment placed on the tray.

VDW.CONNECT Locate® can be optionally used with the VDW.CONNECT App®. Only this way, clinicians benefit from additional features: The integrated shaping target function enables the clinician to customize until which point to shape the root canal. The apical reverse function, if enabled, automatically rotates the file back in the opposite direction of the cutting direction when the previously defined reference point is reached.

This maximum flexibility, great ergonomics of the system and numerous functions enable the clinician to perform a safe treatment.

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