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More than just a long-lasting post – VDW’s Double Taper Shape preserves more dentin

Improved dentin preservation and better aesthetics are two of the convincing advantages of VDW’s DT Posts. These are resulting from VDW’s Double Taper Shape design and quartz fiber technology: the key to a long-lasting endodontic treatment success.

For endodontically treated teeth with more than one missing dentin wall the placement of a post to maintain the coronal structure is strongly suggested. To place it properly, it is key to retain as much dentin as possible while preparing the root canal beforehand. VDW’s DT Posts with Double Taper Shape preserve more dentin as the two-stage design corresponds optimally to the morphology of the prepared root canal. Thus, the dentist avoids unnecessary dentin removal to fit in the post.

Tooth protection and better aesthetics

The DT Posts’ break-resistant quartz fiber material has advantageous mechanical characteristics. Its low modulus of elasticity distributes chewing forces correctly and minimizes the risk for root fractures. Thanks to the quartz fiber material’s translucency properties the patient benefits from better aesthetics.

Safe retention and easy post location

VDW’s DT Posts offer more convincing features. The Safety Lock® coating ensures maximum bond properties and thus a safe long-standing retention of the post. The thermal reactive color pigments of VDW’s DT ILLUSION® XRO® SL posts enable their location after the placement. Being barely visible at body temperature, they become clearly detectable after cooling below 29° Celsius.

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