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VDW: Into the future with innovation

Endodontic specialist VDW offers smart solutions for the entire treatment process, including preparation, irrigation, obturation and post-endodontic care. This has been the company’s focus since its establishment almost 150 years ago.

At the 2017 International Dental Show (IDS), VDW has again presented ground-breaking product innovations for a safe endodontic treatment that fulfil its brand claim of “Endo Easy Efficient®”: RECIPROC® blue, R-PILOT™ and RECIPROC® direct.

A great file. Even better.

With the launch of RECIPROC®, VDW revolutionised root canal therapy. Now, with RECIPROC® blue, the company has advanced this even further, putting it a step ahead. The next-generation reciprocating file makes file breakage even less likely. The secret is a new production process that gives the files greater flexibility and a blue colour. Dentists can pre-bend the instrument, allowing them to prepare even severely curved canals effortlessly. RECIPROC® blue’s reciprocating motion enables the file to move back and forth in the canal easily. The application of RECIPROC® blue remains the same than for RECIPROC® and it is well combined with the tried-and-trusted VDW endodontic motors. At, dentists can access numerous documented patient case studies and discuss the advantages of RECIPROC® blue with their colleagues.

Glide path creation reinvented

How can dentists create glide paths more easily and efficiently? In the past, dentists used hand instruments for glide path creation. This is often laborious and unsafe and requires multiple stages, particularly with curved and calcified canals. R-PILOT™, the first motor-driven glide path instrument with reciprocating motion, now significantly simplifies glide path creation. The instrument is made of nickel–titanium M-Wire®, which has already been proven with RECIPROC®. Owing to the innovative treatment process, M-Wire® has a higher resistance to cyclic fatigue while being more flexible. For dentists requiring additional safety in the formation of a glide path in certain cases, with R-PILOT™, VDW now offers innovation, simplicity, safety and efficiency in a single instrument.

The first contra-angle handpiece with reciprocating motion

No reciprocating file without a good motor: VDW’s extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art motors with reciprocating motion has now been expanded with a real innovation: RECIPROC® direct. With RECIPROC® direct, VDW introduces the first contra-angle handpiece with integrated reciprocating motion now also to the European market. It can easily be clicked onto the existing motor on the treatment unit, allowing the dentist to begin canal preparation with reciprocating motion immediately. Dentists in South America and Asia have been very successful in using RECIPROC® direct since 2015. Owing to its attractive entry-level price, RECIPROC® direct is now also helping European dentists to make the switch to a reciprocating system.
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