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VDW: Endodontics with a system

Every dentist wants to perform safe and efficient endodontic treatment to preserve patients’ teeth for as long as possible. But can root canal therapy be easily integrated into general everyday practice?

With almost 150 years of experience in endodontics, VDW provides perfectly coordinated solutions for the four key stages of endodontic treatment: preparation, irrigation, obturation and post-endodontic treatment.
“We are offering new smart solutions that save time, simplify procedures and ensure the long-term success of treatments. We have adapted all of these innovations to VDW’s entire system solution approach,” said Arjan de Roy, Commercial Development Director of VDW. “We demonstrate that endodontics as a system solution pays off.”

Simple preparation perfectly combined

No dentist wants to deal with the hassle of an instrument breaking—for his or her own sake and above all that of the patient. Reasons for a breakage can be many and varied, including a complicated root canal anatomy, incorrect preparation techniques or poor processing of materials. Especially with severely curved root canals, a broken-off file can be removed only with a great deal of patience and skill. However, the alternating motion of reciprocating instruments, such as RECIPROC®, significantly reduces the risk of file breakage. With RECIPROC® blue, VDW went one step further: the latest generation of the single-file system is particularly flexible owing to a revolutionary production process. The result is a significantly reduced risk of fracture and even greater safety for the dentist and patient. With RECIPROC® blue, VDW provides the most effective tool for preparing all canals. No endo without an endo motor: In modern treatment, wireless endodontic motors for reciprocating and rotating file systems have proved to be reliable. The handling of VDW’s motors is extremely simple: fully rotatable contra-angle handpieces with small heads allow easy access, excellent visibility and quick change of rotation. For optimum use and patient information, there are now also apps available with many functions, including preset programmes and a file library. Different file sequences and precise torque specifications allow safe operation while the dentist can also inform and best advise the patient. The innovative VDW.CONNECT Drive® wireless motor combines all of these advantages for optimum endodontic workflows, and the VDW.GOLD RECIPROC® classic motor even has an integrated apex locator as a two-in-one solution.

Successful endo means thorough cleaning

Often under-estimated and yet crucial, proper irrigation and disinfection improve the likelihood of successful endodontic treatment. However, irrigation has so far posed a major challenge for many practitioners. General dentists and endodontists use different means of cleaning canals efficiently and preparing them for obturation. However, there is always a compromise in terms of either effectiveness or protection of tooth substance. VDW offers a simple and smart solution for everyday practice that provides highly-effective cleaning of the root canal with minimal effort: the sonic powered irrigation activator tip EDDY®. Using acoustic streaming and cavitation effects, EDDY® ensures efficient cleaning of the complex canal system, leaving no tissue residue or dental chips. The tip is made of polyamide, which is softer than dentine and thus prevents from the unintentional rework of the canal anatomy. Recent studies have proved that sonic activation with EDDY® is at least as efficient as ultrasonic activation, but significantly safer owing to the polyamide.

Obturation easier than ever

Only a homogeneous, solid root canal filling prevents the risk of recontamination and ensures the long-term success of the treatment. With GUTTAFUSION®, VDW has been offering a simple system for several years that combines single-post technology with warm 3-D obturation. The warm gutta-percha condenses into all isthmuses and ramifications, resulting in a homogeneous filling that can easily be prepared. The handle is specially designed for tweezers’ usage and allows precise placement, even in the molar area. In addition it can be detached easily without additional instruments. Obturation with GUTTAFUSION® saves a great deal of time, in contrast to lateral condensation, as practitioners can apply the warmed gutta-percha more easily. A further advantage is that root fractures are virtually eliminated.

Correct post-endodontic care

The long-term prognosis of an endodontically treated tooth with a badly damaged tooth substance ultimately depends on the quality of the root post being the base for the post-endodontic treatment. Furthermore, it is essential that the coating allow an optimum bond between the post and the luting composite. VDW’s DT ILLUSION XRO SL® offers even greater safety for the practitioner and patients. The colour pigments of the quartz-fibre posts react thermally, making the posts invisible at body temperature, but clearly visible during treatment and especially in radiographs. Durability and fracture resistance are further advantages. Finally, the innovative Safety Lock® coating enables a secure and lasting bond for all adhesive systems and composite cements.

Combined solutions instead of individual products

Where endodontic treatment used to be perceived as complicated, VDW with its pursuit of “Endo Easy Efficient®” heralds the start of a paradigm shift. Systems that are precisely coordinated provide dentists with greater safety and simplicity while reducing treatment costs and time. Those who want to preserve teeth successfully choose endodontics with a system. Enjoy Endo today.
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