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The first contra-angle handpiece with reciprocating motion

Endodontic specialist VDW presented an important innovation to dentists at the 2017 International Dental Show (IDS): the world’s first contra-angle handpiece with integrated reciprocating motion. With RECIPROC® direct, VDW now presents an easy first step in using reciprocating motion for European dentists. Dental professionals in South America and Asia have been very successfully using RECIPROC® direct since 2015.
No reciprocating file without a good motor: VDW’s extensive portfolio of innovative motors with reciprocating motion has now been expanded with RECIPROC direct. With it, dentists can begin canal preparation in just a few steps: the handpiece can easily be clicked onto the existing motor on the treatment unit, as the reciprocating motion is integrated into the contra-angle handpiece. It could not be simpler! RECIPROC direct makes it easier to switch to modern reciprocating motion for root canal preparation, owing to its attractive entry-level price.
RECIPROC direct is therefore the perfect addition to VDW’s range of endodontic motors, which includes the tried-and-tested VDW.GOLD RECIPROC®, VDW.SILVER RECIPROC® and, above all, the wireless VDW.CONNECT Drive®.
Encounter RECIPROC direct and all the other VDW endo motors.

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