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A new kind of glide path creation

How can dentists create glide paths more easily and efficiently? With the brand new R-PILOTTM, endodontic specialist VDW offers the first motor-driven glide path instrument with reciprocating motion, significantly simplifying the initial glide path creation. With increased safety and speed, as well as improved observation of the canal anatomy, dentists gain more trust from their patients during endodontic treatment.
With this innovation, VDW goes one step further in the use of reciprocating motion. R-PILOT offers dentists a solution for glide path creation that combines simplicity and efficiency in treatment. In combination with the tried-and-tested RECIPROC one-file Endo system, dentists benefit even further from the capability to prepare to full working length even in difficult cases.
The material properties of R-PILOT fulfil the highest standards of modern endodontics. This innovation is made from nickel–titanium M-Wire, already proven with RECIPROC®. Owing to the special treatment process, R-PILOT has a higher resistance to cyclic fatigue while being more flexible. In combination with VDW’s high quality standards, instrument breakage is highly unlikely. Dentists with experience using reciprocation can start using R-PILOT immediately, as no changes to the motor settings are needed.
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