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RECIPROC blue - The Success Story Continues

Endodontics specialist VDW is placing the next generation of the successful RECIPROC® instruments on the market for the autumn. On account of a new production process the file has become much more flexible and also has an even lower fracture risk. This combination makes root canal preparation even safer and easier to perform for the dentist. In addition, the dentist has the option of precurving the instruments to obtain easier access to canals when needed.

These new properties are made possible by a special temperature protocol. When RECIPROC® instruments have been manufactured by the proven process, they are then subjected to a heating process that is specified in detail. This changes the molecular structure of the nickel-titanium in such a way that the RECIPROC® instrument acquires the additional properties described. The heating process changes the colour of the file – it turns blue. That is what gives the new generation of instrument its name: RECIPROC® blue.

RECIPROC® blue instruments are suitable for both experienced and new users of the reciprocating system. All the benefits that the proven RECIPROC® system offers are also available in the RECIPROC® blue system. Even application of the system remains unchanged for the dentist so RECIPROC® blue instruments can be used in all VDW endo motors as usual.

For the preparation of root canals the RECIPROC® system constitutes without doubt the most important milestone since the development of rotary NiTi systems. Since its introduction in 2011 the system has become established in practices and found a large number of users. A market survey conducted in 2014 confirms a high level of satisfaction among users, who accord the RECIPROC® system safe preparation, a low risk of instrument fractures, a good range of indications, very good shaping and adequate apical preparation.

The single use of the instruments is also given a positive rating by users. The main benefits named are reduced contamination risk and savings in practice procedure due to the elimination of cleaning and sterilisation. On average, approximately 75% of canals are entirely prepared with just one instrument. 80% of users also use RECIPROC® for retreatment.


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