Reciprocating preparation

Dr. Christoph Kaaden: RECIPROC blue Root canal preparation
Grande Plotino RECIPROC blue Step by Step Preparation
Grande Plotino: RECIPROC centering ability in cureved canals
RECIPROC 2/5: Safer than ever before: The reciprocating movement
RECIPROC 3/5: Easier than ever before! Instrument design and work flow on a 3D model
RECIPROC 1/5: Intro
RECIPROC 4/5: More time-saving than ever before: Sterile single-use instruments
RECIPROC 5/5: More user friendly than ever: User tests
RECIPROC: Retreatment with RECIPROC R25
RECIPROC: Reverse Comfort Function
RECIPROC: Elastic limit
RECIPROC: Root canal

Root canal before and after instrumentation with RECIPROC. Micro-CT-Scan of a lower molar (Prof. Sergio Kuttler, USA)