Continuous rotary preparation. Innovative reciprocating preparation.
Integrated apex locator.


Integrated length determination

VDW.GOLD®RECIPROC® is the only combi-motor with integrated length determination and the RECIPROC® mode, specially designed by VDW

Integrated apex locator during reciprocating and continuous rotary preparation
Choice between simultaneous length control during preparation and separate length determination

Automatic apical stop upon reaching the apex


Benefits that are simply too appealing!

„RECIPROC® has made endodontics so much easier! No complicated protocols. Goes around a 90 degree ben easily. "Vorsprung durch Technik" for endodontics. After 25 years in practice, I finally look forward to molar endo!"

Dr. Michael Homa, Harrogate, HG3 2XT, England

„Working with VDW.GOLD® RECIPROC®  like driving a car with comprehensive cover: reciprocation or continuous rotation with a maximum in safety and comfort. In a nutshell: With RECIPROC®, even an upper second molar can be done rapidly and effortlessly. I especially like the integrated apex locator with Apical Auto Stop. 

Dr. Matthias Rasch, Germany

My experience with has been nothing short of amazing. The system eliminates the need to create a glide path and provieds the safest and easiest method for shaping the canals.

Dr. Bjørn-Bessermann Svendsen,Kopenhagen, Denmark

Smart functions for an optimised treatment procedure

Increased safety for difficult anatomies by reducing torque limit (in continuous rotary mode only)

File systems which are not used can be hidden and diverse automatic functions can be deactivated and activated respectively

Automatic stop and reverse rotation when torque limit is reached (in continuous rotary mode only)

    VDW.GOLD RECIPROC apex locator

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    Integrated apex locator

    VDW.GOLD RECIPROC motor functions

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    Motor functions

    VDW.GOLD RECIPROC care and maintenance

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    Care and maintenance

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