Endo motors for reciproc instruments, classic rotating NiTi systems, with inegrated apex locator

Reciprocation by VDW
Reciprocation by VDW

Typical RECIPROC® from VDW

The RECIPROC® instrument is driven in reciprocation: first in a cutting direction (counter-clockwise) and then reverses to release the instrument. The angle in the cutting direction is greater than the angle in the reverse direction, so that the instrument continuously progresses towards the apex and at the same time, relieves stress on the instrument.

There’s more to reciprocation than just reciprocation

The fundamental difference is the optimal interplay of RECIPROC® instruments and RECIPROC® motors – specifically designed by VDW and not interchangeable: The angles of the RECIPROC® motor are precisely tuned
to the RECIPROC® instrument.

Minimised risk of instrument fracture

The precise angles of reciprocation in the RECIPROC® motors enable a safer and more efficient preparation with RECIPROC® instruments – reducing the risk of fractures to a minimum.

Intelligent drive technology to meet the highest demands

Optimal motor performance

Regardless of the method of preparation, the RECIPROC® motors ensure reliability and safety. Preparation with reciprocating systems: The RECIPROC® one file endo system enables an effective and safe preparation with only one motor setting. Hence, no more time-consuming setting of parameters (angle or time) is required. The angles of reciprocation are precisely tuned to the RECIPROC® instrument, minimising the risk of fractures. Preparation with continuous rotary systems: Pre-programmed ideal torque and speed settings of
every instrument for all major continuous rotary systems. More focus can be given to preparation and timeconsuming programming steps are hence unnecessary.

An investment that is worth it on the long run

The software can be updated with an update stick. For example, future, newly-developed VDW file systems can be integrated into the file library.

Extended warranty period

3-year warranty covers all functions.

Unique RECIPROC REVERSE comfort function

During preparation with RECIPROC®, the built-in two-stage indicator gives an early feedback of increased friction on the instrument. It signals beginners,
in particular, when to switch to a brushing file motion to create more space.

Practical file library

The favoured NiTi system can be easily selected from the list through quick navigation of the menu. File systems not in use can be deactivated.

Mobility and continuous operation

The battery-operated motor enables portable use and works regardless of power supply fluctuations. Reliable use of the device will continue without interruption even when the battery is charging.

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