The reciprocating movement allows root canals to be prepared with one single instrument.



For innovative reciprocating instruments and classical rotary NiTi systems, with integrated length determination.

"Working with VDW.GOLD RECIPROC is like driving a car with comprehensive cover."


High-tech design apex locator for precise length determination.

Apical Zoom shows the enlarged section between apical constriction and apical foramen


Carrier based technique for a warm 3D obturation with an obturator entirely of gutta-percha

"More time-saving and convenient than lateral condensation"


Great User Satisfaction with RECIPROC

RECIPROC® is without a doubt, the most significant milestone in root canal preparation since the development of rotary NiTi systems. In just three years, the system has become an integral part of dental practices and has gained an astoundingly large number of users.

A market survey was conducted in 2014 by an independent market research institute to gain a deeper understanding on the development of RECIPROC®. Telephone interviews were conducted with dentists in Germany and among them, were also dentists who do not use RECIPROC®. All dentists interviewed listed the following as the most important criteria for a good preparation system:

safe preparation, low risk of instrument fracture, a wide range of indications, enables very good shaping and adequate apical preparation. RECIPROC® users have stated that the RECIPROC® system fulfils these criteria. To support this, numerous studies are available. For an overview, please visit:


The RECIPROC® instruments were well received by the dentists surveyed as they are for single use only. Reduced risk of contamination and less work steps in the treatment due to the fact that cleaning and sterilisation are no longer required was quoted as the biggest advantage of RECIPROC®. On average, approximately 75% of root canals are prepared completely with one single instrument, whereas in approximately 25% of cases, additional instruments are required. It is interesting to note that 73% of users also use RECIPROC® for retreatment.

The number of dentists switching from hand filing to RECIPROC® is comparable to the number of dentists switching to RECIPROC® from rotary NiTi systems. Many dentists reported that they find root canal treatments much easier and more enjoyable with the new system. 89% of the dentists interviewed expressed that they would recommend the RECIPROC® system to colleagues and 81% reported that the single-use instruments are good value for money. Similar results were obtained from a survey conducted at the same time in Brazil. Conclusion: despite distinct differences in the healthcare system structures of both countries, both surveys show that there is a high level of user satisfaction for the RECIPROC® system.

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