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Patients at risk due to fake Mtwo instruments

Fake Mtwo instruments have been discovered in a dental practice in Schleswig-Holstein. The quality of these products is significantly different from that of the original made by the manufacturer, VDW in Munich. At first glance, the fakes are not easy to identify as the blister packaging and labels are almost identical to the original. As two incidents involving the treatment of patients have already been reported, it is critical to urgently warn dentists against the use of fake products.

According to the dental practice, the fake instruments were supplied by the company, PluradentThe company has been contacted for more detailed information. The instruments affected are the sizes10/.04, 25/.06, 30/.05 and 35/.04 in 25 mm working length. However, it is not possible to rule out the fact that other sizes/lengths may have been faked as well. Cutting edges and blades of the fakes are significantly less clear-cut than the original. Flutes for the removal of dentine debris (prevention of debris accumulation in the canal) are also shallower. The diameters exceed the permissible production tolerance limit and the instrument tips are spade-shaped and much too wide. This may, for example, lead to incomplete preparation (reduced working length) with a significantly higher risk of instrument fracture. Please refer to www.vdw-dental.com/falsifikate for further details and images.

The manufacturer, VDW, is offering customers the service of checking the authenticity of their Mtwo instruments.

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